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New England Village House, c. 1800San Francisco Victorian , c. 1890 (pen & ink) San Francisco Victorian , c. 1887 (pen & ink) A House Portrait of a San Francisco Victorian, c. 1893 (pen & ink)
Foothills Mission, c. 1934 (wash and colored pencil)The HomesteadChristmas at 8111,  house  c. 1981 (wash & colored pencil )Mid-fifties Split Level
Craftsman Bungalow, c. 1915 (pencil) Maine Seaside Summer Cottage, c. 1893Exotic West Coast Victorian, c. 1885 (pencil)Seaside Victorian (pencil)
Village Victorian, c. 1890 (pencil)Village Victorian, c. 1890 (wash and colored pencil)Manhattan Brownstones 1870 (pencil)Contemporary Baltimore Rowhouses
Alameda "Painted Lady" c. 1890 (pen & ink)Mountainside International Style, c. 1939 (pencil)Banker's Tudor, c. 1928  (pencil)Clover Hill Residence
Vienna Townhouse (pen & ink and colored pencil)A Landmark Belvedere, c. 1870A New York Greek Revival Row, c.1835A Renaissance Revival Library, c. 1875
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