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    Larry Schwin

House Portraits
The prices below are for portraits that can be accommodated within a standard 11 by 14 inch frame.  I feel that this is the best size  for images of this kind.   
House Portraits in Pencil:           $125.00
House Portraits in Pen & Ink:    $125.00
House Portraits in Color:            $150.00
The prices above include shipping and handling. (Please note that the cost of framing is not included.) Half of the price of the portrait is due when you place your order, and the remainder upon completion.
I can also do portraits of business properties, churches, schools and other buildings and usually for the same price.
Sometimes clients like to have special borders around the portraits, such as flowers or other plants that relate to their property. (See the portrait of the Japonesque Parlor in the Historic Societies section on this site.) Please ask me about these. 
Here's what I will need from you!
It's pretty simple.
Basically, all I'll need from you is a very clear photograph or two taken from the exact position from where you want the building to be shown. Extra photos, such as close-ups or those showing details, colors, material and landscape information are always helpful. The photos do NOT need to be professionally taken.
Oh- and this is really important! Please let me know what compass 
direction the front of the building is facing.  This is key regarding shadows and shading.
If you would like the house portrait to depict a seasonal view other than the one shown in the photograph that you plan to send, please send me the details about that, as well.  For example, if you want the house portrait to show  a fall view, let me know what color the trees turn that are shown in the photo- as well as if there are other seasonal flowers and plantings. 
Please feel free to Email me with any questions that you have. If I have questions, I'll get it touch with you!
How long will it take to complete the House Portrait?
Finished house portraits generally take about a month to complete, depending on my work load. 
If you are planning a portrait as a  Holiday Gift, please plan on additional time since others will have the very same thought! After mid-September, things get pretty busy, so please plan accordingly.
When the house portrait is completed, I will send it along to you matted and ready for framing.  

please note:  all drawings, text and photos on this site are copyrighted by Lawrence Schwin. 

Pencil portrat of a Deco Penthouse overlooking the Hudson River!
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