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Federal Farmhouse, New England, c. 1800
Drawing of the proposed Fosterfield's Kitchen, Morristown, NJ- circa 1915  Completd in 2001.

As a Preservationist, I've had the opportunity to work with many historical societies over the years.
Without exception, each historical society has been staffed with amazing people who have almost always struggled to raise funds for everything from basic building restoration to repairing fire-damage or upgrading electrical service- just to name a very few.
All along the way, every member has anticipated the day when their building would be "completed" and ready to be shown and interpreted to the general public. For most, it's a long, hard and costly road. As part of that process, I've always been excited about being involved to advise about acquisitions, historic site interpretation, historic color palettes, planning the exhibits and the furnishing of historic spaces.
Almost always, I've provided conceptual sketches and finished drawings of what their completed projects could look like. This has always been the "icing on the cake" and has been a wonderful way to inspire membership as well as an invaluable          Public Relations Tool for encouraging public interest.
I look forward to discussing your special project with you.

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New England Puritan Village, c. 1660
"be careful to be strongly instructed what things are fittest to bring with you for your more comfortable passage at sea, as also for your husbandry occasions when you come to the land, for when you are once parted with England you shall meet neither markets nor fayres to buy what you want..." 

Reverend Francis Higgenson writing to prospective colonists in 1630.

A few additional examples of my drawings of historic architecture
and historic interiors.....
The Bodine Kitchen, c. 1770A "Japonesque Parlor" c. 1882Collector's Table TopRococo Parlor, New York, c. 1865Rancher's Cabin, c. 1900
A Gothic Revival House on the Hudson, c. 1845A Gothic Revival interior, c. 1845A mid-eighteenth-Century Tidewater Manor house, c. 1770HIgh-Style Rococo Parlor, Philadelphia, c. 1775The Early American Kitchen, c. 1810
Larry Schwin

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by Lawrence Schwin. 


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