House Portraits By Lawrence - Charming hand-drawn portraits of your favorite residence!

This is one of our recent Post Card mailings to Realtors and Brokers. The portrait is of the wonderful historic house that we sold in 2012...We miss it, but not all the work!!

Selling and moving away from a well-loved home can be one of the most difficult things that any of us have to do. I know it's especially true when a family has lived in a home for many years, brought up a family there and has experienced many events- both happy and sad- while living in that place.

House Portraits make wonderful and thoughtful gifts for those 
who are selling their homes.

 They can also be used in
Promotional Materials...helping to showcase a property in a way
 a  photograph just can't do!

A San Francisco Victorian...pen and ink portrait.

Realtors & Brokers,
I look forward to working with you on your project!
Please check out the House Portrait Galleries page for examples of house portraits I offer.

Larry Schwin

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by Lawrence Schwin. 

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