House Portraits By Lawrence - Charming hand-drawn portraits of your favorite residence!
House Portraits by Lawrence,
 is the perfect site to visit if you are looking for hand drawn portrait
 of your house, another special house or a special building to give as a gift 
for a friend, relative, neighbor, client or business associate...!
 to see examples of  portraits in
Pencil, Pen & Ink and Colored Pencil!

About the artist.....


My name is Larry Schwin and I've been fascinated with houses and buildings for as long as I can remember. I started out at a very young age drawing in crayons,           of course!

  I have a Masters degree in Historic Preservation from Columbia University and a Masters degree in Architecture from the University of Washington in Seattle. For well over 35 years, I had a wonderful career in both architecture and historic preservation and have worked on many historic structures across the country. Today, I've continued my interests as a consultant for historic societies and as a consultant in elder living options.

I've enjoyed living in Manhattan, Seattle, San Francisco and on the north shore of Boston where my husband and I restored an historic c. 1800 house.

 I'd love to chat with you about your special project, whether it
 is for a portrait of a house, a church, a business property or any other special building that you have in mind. I love buildings of all types,

The Dining Room of the historic Burnham-Goodhue House, c. 1800.
A COLORED PENCIL Portrait of a New England home...
This very photogenic house, known as The Burnham-Goodhue House,  was constructed in a New England village around 1800. I drew this portrait soon after we sold our well-loved home in 2012.
Living Room in the Burnham-Goodhue House

I look forward to working with you
 on your project!


Larry Schwin
please note:  all drawings, text and photos on this site are copyrighted
by  Lawrence Schwin.
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